Monday, September 3, 2012

Perspective Homework and Resources

Assignment due 9/8/12: Just pick a bug (or make one up) and draw it at a 3/4 down and a 3/4 up view. Examples below. Start a sketchbook dedicated to drawing environments. Studies from films, games, life, or even concepts are what I'm looking for.

example 3/4 down shot. (Note: The horizon line is above the bugs for a 3/4 down shot.)

Other cool reference.

Build an inspiration folder, and study the stuff you like. Looking at cool stuff will teach you how to make cool stuff.

Cool stuff from cool people:

Book suggestions:

Perspective Drawing Handbook
by Joseph D'Amelio
First edition
13 digit ISBN#: 978-0486432083


Creative Perspective for Artists and Illustrators
by Ernest W. Watson
First edition
13 digit ISBN#: 978-0486273372

Both are on Both are solid and cheap.

Other resources:  Feng Zhu's Youtube channel:

He's really good, really fast, and his images have strong structure to them. Watching people draw/design helps tremendously. In fact, this video goes over some of what last weeks class was about. So if you need a refresher throughout the week.

Email me at if you have any questions.

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