Saturday, October 27, 2012

Hw and Resources

Do thumbnails of something, NOT ORGANIC STUFF. (no trees, character, creatures.)  Im looking for hard surface stuff, like cars, guns, jet packs, robotic thingymajigs.  Pick one and do a tighter side view line drawing.

Some cool reference.

John cleese on creativity.

REMINDER!  The final for this class will be another 35 sketches, due on week 15.

Tanya Wiater Fountain

Fountain from "The Nightmare Before Christmas."

Orthographic - Anh Dang

swamp bird


Turn Around-Dylan Pock

rocket launcher song

rock-et launch-er, do, do doo do do do, rock-et launch-er, yeah yeahyeah, yeah

Viewtiful Orthographic


I tried :'(

Nick Williams - Orthographic

Toxic Avenger Orthographic:

p.s. I'm sick, so I won't be in class tomorrow. :(

Orthographic View - Rosa and Jasper

- Rosa and Jasper -

- Rosa Only -

I wasn't sure if it was okay to put more than one character on one sheet, so I added both.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Tanya 5 background sketches

Sketches are all from scenes from the Nightmare Before Christmas. 

HW and Resources

Assignment due 10/13/12:
Take one of your thumbnails from last week and do a tight line drawing over it.
Think about the focal point and story, and what the mood of the scene is.

some reference.

Coco Rosie music videos have a lot of mood.
City of lost children
Return to OZ.

Dylan Pock-Sketches